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Apakah yang dimaksud dengan SONY Super HAD?

1 Juli 2010

SONY CCD cameras sold in the market nowadays are almost all using Super HAD technology. Super HAD provides 2 times of better sensitivity and 6 db better smear rejection ratio than the formal traditional type of CCD. Two micro lenses on top of each photo diode are able to collect more photon from incoming light  than the old CCD made by SONY and any other maker. 
Panasonic believes that its that its new 37 series is as good as SONY's Super HAD, and its 39  series is also as good as SONY EX-View on visible light zone.
Alpha B and K series cameras now are using mainly Panasonic CCD  for the best color rendering and good  dynamic range.

Compared to Super HAD, Sony Ex-view CCD Do have 4 times of better sensitivity on near infrared zone ( 800~ 900 nm).  However, if the users use it properly,  it will be excellent for night vision. If not properly, it will became a draw back because the infrared will cause color distortion and blurred image due to basic physics that infrared focuses on deeper location and cause hologram image especially if the certain lenses are used.


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